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'From Zero To Hero' is the new band hardcore

The band 'From Zero To Hero' is a band from East Jakarta. And began in the mid year of 2010 with the formation; Rizky as the vocalist, Rendy and Wibi as the guitarist, Agi as the bassist, and Andrew on drums. The name of From Zero To Hero or always refer to as Frozethe created by Rizky. In the Frozethe; Rizky as maker of logo and all art about Frozethe, Rendy as song writer and Wibi, Agi, & Andrew as composser the music.

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Band 'From Zero To Hero' adalah band dari Jakarta Timur. Dan memulainya dari pertengahan tahun 2010 dengan formasi; Rizky di vokal, Rendy dan Wibi gitar, Agi di bass, dan Andrew di drum. Nama From Zero To Hero atau bisa di singkat Frozethe di buat oleh Rizky. Di dalam Frozethe; Rizky bertugas menjadi pembuat logo dan semua seni tentang Frozethe, Rendy bertugas menjadi penulis lagu, dan Wibi, Agi, & Andrew bertugas menjadi komposer musiknya.


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